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OPTIMAGS Test/ or Toll Manufacturing low to medium volume bulk ware

In October 2004 OPTIMAGS completed its coating pilot plant at its premises in Karlsruhe. The predominant part of this plant is a table top coating machine MBCD 1.3 ( top right ), and a bigger PA 240 – 5,5 m Coating machine for low low volume production both machines work with the patented ultraprecise OPTIMAGS Knife Coater. The machines , as pictured, are congruent scale downs of our big coating machines, and as such do, have the same drying concept as these big machines.

The machines permit extreme clean coatings, even though being situated in a room of just class D. Therefore, coatings can be done for the electronic and data recording industry, as well as for the pharmaceutical industry.

The entire plant, or just the coating machine may be booked on a daily basis. Yet, OPTIMAGS may also coat webs on a toll basis . Amounts may be in the range from single coils of minimum 100 m lengths, up to low volumes of up to several 1000 m length. Both machines can produce multiple layer laminates with or without intermediate process liners.

Coatable substrates:
PET, PP, PE, Paper, metal Foils, Laminates 23 ... 180 um

Backing films:
PET, PP, PE, Paper, metal foils, Laminates 14 ... 180 um

Process liners:
Laminates up to 180 um

Coil dimensions:
coils wound on 3" Cores Width < 260 mm Diameter < 300mm

Coating solutions:
Type: solutions, dispersions
Rheology: Newton, thixotropic *
Viscosity: 0,05 ... 6 Pas
Temperature: room temperature RT
Solvents: water *, or organic solvents

Coating parameters:
Coating width: 5 ... 220 mm
Coating lengths: depends on coil length
Coating thickness: 50 um ... 700 um wet
Coating accuracy: +/- 1 % @ 100 um dry e.g. for an organic PSA
Coating speed: 0,02 ... 0,6 m/min

Machine specifications:
Machinery compartment: 1 unwinder substrate, 1 unwinder backing foil, 1 rewinder laminate, 1 lamination roll, 1 edge slitting station, 1 knife coater head
Medium: air , HEPA filtered F8/H13
dryer zones: up to 4, individually adjustable in gas volumes and temperatures
temperatures: 40 ... 125° C

Documentation :
via PC as; GMP conform