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You are looking for Know-how on TDS-Patches and Edible Film Strips?

Optimags provides:

Transdermal Delivery Systems (TDS) are remedies or cosmetics being applied to the skin. Offering forms are the well-known ointments and gels, but increasingly there are also Reservoir- or Matrix-TDS-patches. The addition agent (active ingredient(s)) in the Matrix-patches is applied in the adhesive layer, whereas Reservoir-patches contain a sink in which the active ingredient(s) is stored for example in a gel. The use of the patches extends for a period of one day up to one week. During the whole treatment the active substance is given up constantly.

The transport of the remedies to the blood stream by classical, passive TDS depends only on the gradient between high-doted reservoir of the active ingredient(s) and the low-doted blood stream. The pores and ions-channels inside the skin are used for transport. This kind of transport – a passive mechanism – is only possible for small and simple molecules.

Well-known examples for TDS-patches are Nicotine- and Oestrogen-patches. They are offered by different manufactures and are used to get wean from nicotine and to alleviate troubles in the climacteric period.

For further information, please contact Dr. Clifton Zimmermann