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TDS PA 260 - 560

OPTIMAGS supplies a range of standardized coating machines designed for low to high production volumes. All machines, predominatly made in stainless steel, are built in a balcony manner for ease of handling. During operation , the machine gets completely enclosed , with its interior flooded by HEPA filtered air. As the patented dryer technique permits a vertical u- shaped web path inside the dryer, the machine gets very compact with a compartment on its left side containing the ultraprecise web coating and all further web handling components , and the dryer on its right side. This reduces its footprint to one third of that of conventional machines. The machines are designated acc. to the foil widths they can handle and web path length inside the dryer. Thus, a PA 460 – 16 m machine handles a web of 460 mm width and a 16 m web path in its dryer.

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The longer the better!
Adapt dryer size to your production volume. The longer the dryer, the higher the rate. OPTIMAGS dryers are assembled of identical modules. Choose a one module dryer with a drying path length of 4,7 m , and add further modules to create a 4 module dryer with 16 m drying path length, when market asks for more output.

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