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Since 1995 OPTIMAGS worldwide delivers know- how and the complete technology for the production of TDS- patches, and Edible Film Strips (oral dissolvable films, ODF) to the pharmaceutical industry.

In the stage of product research OPTIMAGS provides you with know-how, licences , or complete dossiers.
For product development, OPTIMAGS supplies GMP- compliant, continuously operating coating and converting machines . These machines, though merely table top sized, easily generate those amounts of samples , neccessary for Phase III, and submission, in an extreme precise, yet cost efficient manner.


For production, we deliver coating machines and further down- the – line converting machines with capacities from 1 mio up to several 100 mio. patches/ strips p.a..

Especially, the OPTIMAGS production sized coating machines are unrivalled in compactness, coating precision, and production speed. Their modular dryer design permits simple adaption to encreasing capacity needs.

In their interior, these completely enclosed machines achieve clean room class 10.000, and better, due to continuous recirculation of HEPA- filtered air. Their coating and drying technology is congruent to our lab machines for a GMP conform transfer of process technology. The patented coating and drying technology permits the production of ODF and patch laminates without having to exchange any machine component. As far as known, only OPTIMAGS machines routinely untercut the U.S. FDA dosage uniformity rate limit of 5 % for patches and ODF as well. This made our machines a reference in some countries of the world.

For any step in the creation of strips/patches OPTIMAGS supports you with:

Small and big mixing vessels

Coating machines

  • Down- the line converting machines, like punch and pouching equipment.
  • Developmental tools, like table sized coaters MBCD 1.3
  • Design of your production facilities
  • Developmental punching equipment:

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