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How to find us:

We are situated in Karlsruhe, a city of ca. 300.000 inhabitants at the rhine river, directly at the French border , and ca. 140 km south of Frankfurt

Am Hubengut 8
76149 Karlsruhe

Tel. : +49 721 35285 0
Fax.: +49 721 35285 28
e-mail: c.zimmermann@optimags.de

If you come by plane:
Arrive at Frankfurt airport.

  1. From there you may take a taxi directly to our office, costs ca. 170,- EURO, travel time ca. 90 minutes
  2. Take a superfast train ICE as follows:

Having arrived in Frankfurt, and having got your baggage and passed the customs pls. follow the sign to the "trains" or "train station". All airlines belonging to the STAR ALLIANCE group (like LUFTHANSA) will arrive at Terminal 1. All other air lines arrive at Terminal 2. If you arrive at Terminal 2, take the SKY TRAIN to Terminal 1. This monorail train runs automatically between Terminal 1 and 2 back and forth. Leave the sky train at the station "Hall A/B" of Terminal 1. Follow the signs to the "trains". If you arrived at Terminal 1 after having passed customs (just walk through!) get onto the staircase into Departure Hall A +B , follow the signs to "trains". You will reach the train station by passing the Departure hall A +B of Terminal 1, and entering another staircase leading to a glass bridge across a street connecting the airport building with big skyscrapers and the SHERATON hotel. Follow the signs to "trains". The train station is situated in a big concrete/ glass building looking a bit like loaf top side down. On the way to the platforms you will pass some counters designated DB or DEUTSCHE BAHN (means German Railway) , where you can buy tickets . Buy tickets for the train going to Karlsruhe. Trains to Karlsruhe leave each hour. Pls. ask the staff at the counter for advice. They all speak fluently and perfectly English.
Every second train goes straight to Karlsruhe without any stop in between , every second train, you have a stop in MANNHEIM , where you have to switch the train to Karlsruhe. At the MANNHEIM station this train to Karlsruhe will halt or already wait for the FRANKFURT train at the same platform just on the other edge. So, you just will have to cross the platform and enter this train. The train travels from Mannheim to Karlsruhe without any further stop. Anyway, the trip from Frankfurt will take ca. 1 hour . At Karlsruhe station just follow all the people to get down from the platform by a staircase into the main hall at the right. You will immediately see the big main entrance. At the left side of the entrance there are taxis. Enter one, asking for the hotel or for our office , whose address is: AM HUBENGUT 8. The trip will take ca. 20 minutes, and cost ca. 15 EURO.
Whenever you have arrived during office hours, 8.00....17.30, just call our office, the number is 0049 721 35285 0.

If you come by car:
From the north or south: take the freeway ( Autobahn ) A 5 until Karlsruhe
From the east take the freeway A 8 from Stuttgart/ Munich until Karlsruhe