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In the stage of product research OPTIMAGS provides you with know-how, licences , or complete dossiers.
For product development, OPTIMAGS conveys toll developments/ test productions , and supplies GMP- compliant, continuously operating coating and converting machines . These machines, though merely table sized, easily generate those amounts of samples , necessary for Phase III and submission, in an extreme precise, yet cost efficient manner. For production, we deliver coating machines and further down- the – line converting machines.

Optimags GmbH head office

Especially, the OPTIMAGS production sized coating machines are unrivalled in compactness, coating precision, and production speed. Their unique coating and drying technology permits the production of ODF and patch laminates without having to exchange any machine component. These completely enclosed machines achieve clean room class 10.000, and better, in their interior , due to continuous recirculation of HEPA-filtered air.

Our coating and drying technology remains congruent from the lab- up to the biggest production machines. This guarantees GMP conform transfer of process technology from the laboratory table up to the production floor.

Assembly hall with offices Optimags GmbH


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