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Production facilities

Based on more than ten years experience in the field of TDS patch and Edible Film production OPTIMAGS today is able to provide you a wide variety of possible facility concepts/ lay- outs. Moreover, OPTIMAGS delivers these facilities turn key with or without the complete building, containing all you need for patch/ ODF- strip production and the necessary offices/ depots. Examples (production floor, only) of such facilities are depicted in below figures.

In their interior, these completely enclosed machines achieve clean room class 10.000, and better, due to continuous recirculation of HEPA- filtered air. Their coating and drying technology is congruent to our lab machines for a GMP conform transfer of process technology. The patented coating and drying technology permits the production of ODF and patch laminates without having to exchange any machine component. As far as known, only OPTIMAGS machines routinely undercut the U.S. FDA dosage uniformity rate limit of 5 % for patches and ODF as well. This made our machines a reference in some countries of the world.

1. Developmental - low volume production site in a 10 x 14 m floor


2. Production site , capacity : multimillion TDS patches/ ODF strips p.a.