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Starterkit for TDS & ODF development

Optimags provides both extensive consultng and the entire production equipment. The TDS / ODF production includes the followng steps:

Mixing of the components: Optimags has a broad kow-how in the formulation of oral dissolvable films. We deliver the complete mixing equipment provide the recipe (containing your API) and support your mixing experiments.

Pumping of the solution:
Tablesized Thooth Gear Pump (TGP1.3)

The Tablesized Thooth Gear Pump (TGP1.3) permits an ultraprecise dosage of coating solution into the coating kinfe. Even very small webs (down to 10 mm in width) can be produced with high accuracy be means of the coating knife combined with this pump. Pumps equipped with one or two (see depiction) pump heads are deliverable. The second pump head allows simultaneous coating of two different liquids.

Coating of the solution:
Tablesized Contionous Coating Machine MBCD 1.3

The OPTIMAGS MBCD 1.3 permits continuous coating of 140 mm wide webs with successive lamination. The machine is constructed in a balcony fashion. On the front of a central mounting plate the winder shafts, the web guiding items, the coater, and the dryer cabin are attached. Thus, all functions of the machine can be handled on the frontside:

The foil/ web to be coated, having been fixed to the unwinder shaft on the left side of the machine is pulled through the machine by the laminate rewinder, situated on the right side of the machine. Web- , i.e. coating speed is absolutely kept constant by an optical encoder. On its way through the machine, the web at first slides around the coating roll. On its way around the roll it passes underneath the OPTIMAGS coating knife, mounted to the roll at an approx. 11:00- position. The coating solution is fed into the knife. The knife spreads the fluid onto the passing – by web. Coated web width is continuously adjustable from 10 to120 mm. Coating thickness may vary from 40 um to 500 um (dry coat).

Punching an Pouching:
Tablesized Slitter, Punch and Pouching Machine SPM 1.3

The OPTIMAGS SPM 1.3 was developped to fit optimally to our laboratory coating machine MBCD 1.3. The machine permits operation in two different modes:
Mode I: slitting of laminate coils generated in the MBCD 1.3 machine to achieve two daughter coils . These daughter coils are then inserted in the SPM 1.3 to be handled in
Mode II: Out of each daughter coil the SPM 1.3 in a one- lane manner die-cuts ( punches out ) patches, and inserts each patch into its individual pouch. The pouches are shoved into a basket at the end of the machine.