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Tablesized slitter, punch and pouching machine SPM 1.3

The OPTIMAGS SPM 1.3 was developped to fit optimally to our laboratory coating machine MBCD 1.3. The machine permits operation in two different modes:

Mode I: slitting of laminate coils generated in the MBCD 1.3 machine to achieve two daughter coils . These daughter coils are then inserted in the SPM 1.3 to be handled in

Mode II: Out of each daughter coil the SPM 1.3 in a one- lane manner die-cuts ( punches out ) patches, and inserts each patch into its individual pouch. The pouches are shoved into a basket at the end of the machine

The machine is constructed in a balcony fashion. on its back. On the front of the central mounting plate are the winder shafts, the web guiding items , the die- cutting punch, the conveying system for the punched out patches, the pouching foil unwinders, assembly and heat sealing system, as well as the cross cutting unit to separate the individual pouches. Thus, all functions of the machine can be handled on the front side. On its back, under a metal hub, all electronics, pneumatics and driving parts are assembled

Video Download (48 MB)