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Company Profile

OPTIMAGS originated from the department of magnetic data recording media of the BASF Ludwigshafen. There, the founder of the company , Dr. Clifton Zimmermann was responsible for novel coating thickness control techniques in those coating machines, which produced video and data storage tape bulkware. Milestones in the last 20 years were:

1986 Introduction of a novel, fiberoptical coating thickness sensor into the BASF coating machines, permitting thickness resolutions of better 10 nm 1989 Introduction of an ultraprecise fiberoptical coating control system into videotape production 1993 Installation of the first devices of this type in precision vacuum coating machines for SMD capacitor foils 1994 Introduction of an traversing IR sensor to measure clear coatings with subnanometer precision to the ultraprecise coating industry 1995 The superior performance of this sensor when measuring TDS- patch laminate and our proven expertise in the construction of ultraprecise coating facilities lead to the first contract of OPTIMAGS for the erection of a single line TDS- patch facility at the pharmaceutical company HEXAL (now NOVARTIS) 1997 After completion of the HEXAL facility OPTIMAGS delivers equipment for the production of Transdermal Therapeutic patches (TDS) worldwide 2001 OPTIMAGS modifies its equipment for being useable for TDS patches as well as for the upcoming Oral Dissolvable Film Strips ODF (Edible Film Strips) since 2003 OPTIMAGS supplies the pharmaceutical industry with licences, know- how, and equipment for oral dissolvable film strips as well as for TDS patches since 2004 OPTIMAGS supplies the food & cosmetic industry with ultrasensitive fiberoptical photometers for concentration and turbidity control of undiluted emulsions/ dispersions in the lab and production line. 2006 OPTIMAGS coating machines, in several benchmark tests, far undercut the US FDA uniformity dosage rate requirements for ODF and TDS coatings 2007 OPTIMAGS projects a multiple line ODF- and TDS patch facility in Asia